15250773_1220341361379553_403378908184531824_oFrom left to right: Mathilde van den Berg, Hester Kamstra, Jasper Weinans, Naomi Verkade, Anne-Lieke Brem


During the first year of its assistance, the study committee consisted of:

Jasper Weinans, head of the committee:

As head of the committee, he is responsible for leading the committee during meetings and maintaining contact with the board. At the moment he is a third-year bachelor student in Pre- and Proto-History and is currently taking a minor in Philosophy.

Anne-Lieke Brem, secretary:

She is responsible for the (first) contact you will have with the committee. She is a second-year ReMa -student, specialising in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology, with a special interest in social/cultural geography.

Naomi Verkade, PR:

Responsible for keeping you informed about our activities through Facebook and the memo-board next to our lecture room at the Poststraat.

Hester Kamstra, general member:

First-year ReMa-student with a specialisation in Pre- and Proto-History. Furthermore, she is interested in archaeological theory, the late Mesolithic and the Neolithic periods.

Mathilde van den Berg, general member:

She also is a first-year Re-Ma student and specialised in Arctic Archaeology.

The workshopday was a succes!