Every year, Bachur organises an introduction camp for the new first year students. This is a great way to get to know your future classmates but… also to experience life in prehistory! The camp takes place in a reconstructed neolithic village in the region of the Swifterbantcultuur, near Lelystad (hence the name).

The weekend will looks something like this…

As a group we take the train from the Groningen head station (or from somewhere else is that is more convenient for you). When we arrive in the village, we’ll leave behind our modern conveniences. We’ll light a fire for cooking (soup) and for warmth, search for firewood and bake bread.

In the afternoon we’ll engage in the paleolympics, which is our own version of the Olympics games. It includes sports like rock throwing, cucumberracing and shooting bow and arrow. In the evening we sit around the campfire and have drinks (yes, beer is very old, we can justify its consumption). We sleep in reconstructed prehistoric farms and take the train back the following morning.

Signing up

The camp will take place on Saturday the 26th to Sunday the 27th of August 2017. The costs for the camp are 30 euros. You can sign up by transferring the money to NL70INGB0007902805 naming Studievereniging Bachur. Make sure to add your name + Swifterkamp 2017. Also send an E-mail to rug.bachur@gmail.com stating that you will join. In the E-mail, add…

  • your name, adress and phone number
  • whether you have public transport subscription (Dutch: OV week or weekend)
  • if you are allergic to anything
  • if you are a vegetarian
  • if you want to want to take the train to Lelystad from somewhere else

For more information on the prehistoric camp itself, check out their Facebook page! Hope to see you then!