De Steekproef

De Steekproef was founded in 1999 as one of the first archaeological companies in the Netherlands. De Steekproef has now carried out more than 2,000 archaeological research projects throughout the Netherlands: from drilling research on small building blocks to the complete excavation (DAO) of several hectares.

Vereniging van Vrijwilligers in de Archeologie

AWN Association of Volunteers in Archaeology is a national organisation with 24 departments. AWN members participate in archaeological research and advocate the protection of the archaeological heritage of the Netherlands. They are also ambassadors for archaeology, offer heritage education and promote public involvement in archaeological heritage in many other ways. started 5 years ago as a webshop for the biologist, ecologist and nature lover. Since 2018 we offer a wide range of products for the (beginning) archaeologist, partly thanks to the cooperation with Bachur. Think of trowels in various shapes and sizes, measuring equipment, digging and drilling materials, note materials and various accessories. We can offer you as an archaeology student all this at a 10% discount. We continue to expand our range so that soon you will also be able to visit us online and in Groningen for work shoes, knives from Opinel and archaeological literature. We are very proud that is a sponsor of Bachur this year!

Hunebedcentrum Borger

Imagine yourself being part of prehistory, the time of your earliest ancestors, in the renovated Hunebedcentrum. Just a stone’s throw away from the largest hunebed, the stories are there for the taking, get in touch with the hunebed builders interactively. If you are curious about the life of the hunebed builders, this new exhibition will give you a head start. And outside, in the prehistoric park, you find yourself eye to eye with prehistoric man. Visit the largest hunebed in the Netherlands, you can’t miss it.
The Hunebedcentrum aims to be a museum and social enterprise that plays an active role in the local, regional, national and international setting. The centre aims to make the story of the megalithic tombs and other archaeological monuments accessible to the general public, thus creating support for the preservation of this heritage for future generations.


We believe that soil information can be improved. Not only by clever use of measuring techniques, but also by making an inventory of information early on in projects and combining it with the necessary measuring effort.
The soil information needed by various disciplines may differ, but is also often the same. Only when the user’s perspective is taken, does the information acquire value. A piece of rubble in the subsurface is for the civil engineer mainly a challenge to get around during earthworks, but for an archaeologist it can be the foundation of a stone house. This is information you want to obtain early in the project. In technical terms, our geophysical systems can provide measurement data about various foreign materials or layer transitions in the subsurface. To turn this measurement data into information that can be used by end users, proper analysis of the measurement data is required.


MUG Ingenieursbureau is an independent firm with national operations. We provide design, consultancy and engineering services in the infrastructure, environment, archaeology, Geo-ICT & Geo-info and energy disciplines. We do this for clients from the private and public sectors. From provinces and municipalities to water boards. But also for housing corporations, contractors, industry, energy companies and urban planners. Our Archaeology department is the best archaeology office in the north of the Netherlands! The soil is full of traces of the past that can affect spatial development, zoning plans, building plans and land acquisitions. MUG Ingenieursbureau’s archaeologists can help prepare, conduct and supervise archaeological surveys.